Supervison - for fellow counselling practitioners

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Lara Hutchings offers Supervision to Counsellors and other professionals working in support and care.

Supervision can be delivered on either an individual or group basis.

Our counsellor is a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
and so adheres to their principles and ethical framework.

Professional Partnership

The Practitioner / Supervisor relationship is a professional, collaborative and developmental partnership
which helps to support and protect both Practitioner and Client.

It facilitates ethical and supported practice by offering a safe and confidential space
in which the Practitioner can reflect on their practice and enhance it through increasing their understanding of themselves, their Client work and the organisational and other systems they work within.


My supervisory practice
reflects my
therapeutic practice
in that I believe
the relationship
between Supervisor
and Practitioner
is central to
effective supervision
and I will draw
on therapeutic principles
and creative techniques
to explore the work.

A Framework for Supervision

The 7-eyed model, developed by *Hawkins and Shohet, is my framework of choice.
This encourages supervisees to examine their work from 7 different perspectives:

What is the client perspective? How do they present?
What were the interventions the Supervisee chose to make, when and why?
What is happening in the relationship between the client and the supervisee?
What is happening for the supervisee whilst working with their client?
What happens in relationship between Supervisor and Supervisee and how might it reflect the client work?
What are the Supervisor's own processes, feelings and thoughts?
What is the the wider context in which the Client, Practitioner and Supervisor operates? How can we best work within these systems and processes?

*Hawkins, P. and Shohet, R. (2012) Supervision in the Helping Professions. (4th edition) Maidenhead: Open University Press.